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Our Partners

  • Oncore
    Can provide significant financial incentives through tax benefits and business support for experienced contractors. [website]
  • myOE
    Provides free support and guidance to professionals who want to live and work overseas. [website]
  • AIS
    Assisting people with their goal of migrating to Australia. [website]


Contract Recruitment Services

Mind Recruitment provides our candidates access to a range of IT contract positions. The team at Mind has extensive experience working with all types of customers and candidates sourcing all types of IT positions on a contract basis. If you’re looking for your next contract opportunity, the Mind Recruitment team can help.

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Permanent Recruitment Services

As specialists in the identifying and sourcing of the best IT talent in the UK and beyond, the team at Mind Recruitment is able to provide our candidates with some of the best opportunities available in the industry today. Your next permanent position may be the most exciting one yet and the Mind Recruitment team is best positioned to provide you with a range of potential job opportunities to suit your individual requirements.

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Jobs Worth Survey

Only Mind Recruitment provides you with up to the minute salary and rate information for your skills around the UK. Enter your information into our survey then view the results to see what you’re skills are worth in the current market.

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